Joel Robuchon, Las Vegas (Part 1)


For what will probably be the most memorable dining experience in your life, go to Joel Robuchon in the MGM Grand.
Generally my favorite is not fancy French, as tasting menus tend to make me hungry not full, and four hour meals give me schpilkas. Having said that, this was perhaps the most amazing dining experience that I have ever had. Everybody at the table shared my view.
The restaurant is so gorgeous that upon arriving you just know you have a treat at hand. Sometimes fancy French brings stuffiness along with it (in the U.S., never in Paris), but this was not the case here.

Then, of course, there is the food. It looked so pretty that it was a shame to eat it, but what the heck. Click here to see our personalized Menu.
We had their 16-course meal. They are always fine tuning things. Two of the plates actually had 3 courses on each. That way they could trim down an hour. I guess people start getting a bit antsy after four hours.
We ate in the private room, which made the experience even more superb. True it cost an extra couple hundred dollars, but given the bill was $4,900 for seven of us, it seemed like a bargain.

In tomorrow’s blog I will have more food detail. Until then, visit them on line here.

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