Jersey, Channel Islands



Finally, on the last day of segment one, we had a beautiful day. Jersey is a beautiful island with lots of history and quite a unique political situation.

It is independent, being a British Crown possession, called a Baliwick. It has open trade with the EU, but is not a member of the EU.

Nor is it a member of the UK, but uses their currency and passports. If it needs defense, Britain protects them.





The largest of the Channel Islands, it is closer to France than England. It has significant French customs and names, yet 90% of the people here have British background and only 1% French.




Our guide Michelle Hervieu was terrfic. Here she is explaining La Pouquelqaye de Faldouet a 6,000 year old grave sight.





This is the path to La Pouquelqaye de Faldouet.





Even the market is lovely here.

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