Iceland, Here We Come

Since poker season is over, it is time to travel.

A year ago Allyn and I came up with the idea of starting our 2018 Summer Europe trip with a cruise around Iceland to try some place new. However it seems like in the last month about 10 different friends have been writing about their Iceland experiences. So, we won’t be first, but it sounds like a blast.

Over the last several years we have shied away from United as it seemed their quality deteriorated. We decided to try them again because they had by far the best connection for us and I was able to use miles in exchange for Polaris Class (business).  

What a pleasant surprise. Even their newly renovated terminal in Newark is immaculate and very passenger oriented. They are geared for technology in both the general seating areas as well as the restaurants. I’m surprised humans deliver the food instead of robots. Not surprisingly they still have room to add a tip. I guess the iPad splits it with the automatic checkout terminal.

The Polaris Lounge for Business Class is top rate. Even each restroom is a sign of the times. (They are all individual).

Well there was one issue. We already had over a three hour layover and we were delayed another three hours; ergo all the airport info.

I give solid marks to new business class service. 


PS – Somehow they put me in The New York Times Business Section Sunday.






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