Honolulu Bound


Visiting with Bruce McGill, a well known character actor.

One of the great things about deluxe cruises is the deluxe group of speakers that are available every sea day. This week has been no exception.

The topics have been all over the board, but the common ingredient has been the pedigree of each speaker. Examples include a:

  •   Former Ambassador to Pakistan
  •    World class historian about tracking Bin Laden
  •    Fascinating world class geography expert
  •   General on leadership
  •    Literary expert on the roots of English novels

And this afternoon a thrilling inside look at Hollywood from Bruce McGill, one of our great character actors who has well over 100 roles under his belt. Lately he has been on Rizzoli and Isles, cable TV’s #1 rated program and just finished Lincoln, a movie out in December by Steven Spielberg.

Plus it is extra fun being able to chat with them like regular folks around the ship.

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