Hong Kong (Day 2)

Let’s start with dinner, one of my favorite topics. We ate at Zagat’s highest rated Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, Yah Toh Heen, located in the Intercontinental Hotel. It even earned a star in the 2010 Michelin Guide. Hmm, a Chinese restaurant with a Michelin star. The meal was magnificent.

So if you are going to eat fancy Chinese, it calls for Peking Duck. For those of you who are novices at this type thing, they basically only serve the skin in this famous dish.

Today was filled with the normal Hong Kong shopping, walking, gazing and massaging.

I never get over the fact that seemingly on every block there are Rolex, (and Chanel etc) stores selling scores of the real item, while within a block other stores are selling “deluxe “ fake knock-offs, and yet others selling cheap copies. Actually the cheap copies are right on the sidewalk.

I am not convinced that the “deluxe” fakes are not made in the same plants as the real ones by the same people on the same machines, with the same product and care. They just don’t have permission.

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