Heather Sue Mercer

We met up with Heather Sue at dinner last night at Crockfords. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, she has an amazing story.
Heather Sue quietly entered the poker scene recreationally just a few years ago, and has already performed well at the highest levels. In April, with just a couple tables left, she was right in first or second place when somebody tried running over her aces pre-flop with 93, and put a very sick beat on her.
With her two sisters, Heather Sue has a very sweet business (pun intended). She makes what might be the best chocolate cookies in the world, and has a dessert café in New York City. They have over 100 flavors if you can imagine. Give yourself a treat and order some here.

I’m not sure why they make cookies. I guess it’s for fun. Both of her sisters graduated from Stanford, both have subsequent advanced degrees, and one is a lawyer to top it off.
Heather Sue is the family slacker. She has an economics degree from Duke. I knew I liked her when she laughed when I asked her if it was in home economics. Boy, did Allyn give me a dirty look.
In case the name has a vague recollection to you, she was quite famous in the 90s. She was the all-state place kicker from New York who was to be the first woman on a Division 1 football team. Then, Duke chickened out, and she sued them (and won).
Trivia – Their website refers to the owners as The Mercer Girls. Part of our Seattle history is that 150 years ago a Seattle gentleman, Asa Mercer, went to Massachusetts twice and brought back a group of ladies (because Seattle was out of gender balance). Those were the original Mercer Girls.

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