Harstad, Norway 2019

Harstad is our northernmost stop this cruise. We crossed the Arctic Circle yesterday and still headed north.

Did you know that not all maps have the USA in the middle?
You can see what a beautiful day we had – no rain or wind and temperature in the mid sixties – and that is typical for this time of year.
Global warming factoid – It isn’t happening this week, but if the Arctic ice cap melted it would raise the sea level around the world 20 feet.
These type ports are just fun for walking around. We did no touring today.
This area is one of the great spots to watch the Northern lights (Aurora borealis) because there is no pollution – light or otherwise. Don’t try tonight though. The darkest they get now is some type of twilight. A month ago it was 24/7 daylight.
I think this thing is supposed to be some kind of art.
Dinner tonight was at yet another restaurant onboard, Setti Mare. It is particularly nice because they actually convert the nice breakfast/lunch buffet to a lovely Italian restaurant in the evenings. We are returning tomorrow.
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