Guilin, China

Through the years, we have traveled extensively to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and even Xian, China. This year we decided to explore a few other cities before starting the cruise.
Guilin was a logical choice, as it is at the heart of China’s own tourist industry (due to its natural beauty and unique sights).  Also, because it is a short plane ride from Hong Kong, it was convenient for us.
This city has 3,000 caves and Reed Flute Cave is considered the prettiest. At least this is what the guide told us.

Language lesson – “Fu” means both good luck and teapot in Guilinese (a Mandarin-like dialect).

Who wants to guess why they named this cave The Thousand-Buddha Cave?

If you look closely, you can see why this location is called Elephant Trunk Hill.

And, you gotta love Love Island.

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