Graycliff Restaurant, Nassau, Bahamas

I was just looking for a lovely dinner in Nassau and ended up with a great one that comes complete with an amazing history.

Food, service and ambiance were all top notch at Graycliff Restaurant, the first five-star in all of the Caribbean.

Wealthy pirate Captain John Howard Graysmith built the mansion (it’s a hotel) circa 1740. The location was selected for its clear view of the harbor where he could keep an eye on business.

The wine cellar, former slave quarters, is the world’s third biggest (over 275,000 bottles). It is a must tour after dinner.

One bottle is on the wine list for $200,000. It is a pleasant 1727 Rudesheimer Apostelwein from Bremer Ratsfeller in the “Rheinghau” region of Germany. It is considered to be the world’s oldest drinkable wine


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