Friends and Memories

By Guest Blogger Allyn

In our hearts, we take with us, the many good friends we made along the way on the Voyager 2010 World Cruise. 

Our first and best friends, Mickey and Marty Fine, who never stopped asking questions.


Cute boy Jordan Sills and Abra with proud mom (Joanie) and Charlie Davis


Howie (Howaluh) and the lovely Ellie Sprechman; Robert and Maria Warmington before they had twins!


The amazing Rabbi Yitzchak (Richard) and Ora Yellin


The one and only Martin Shafron and the not so plain Jane!


The sweetest and most helpful Jay and Mary Pat Silberman


Our memorable neighbors with 27 suitcases, Marc and Harry.  Or was it 32 suitcases?


Everyone’s favorite family, Kathleen, Mary, Charles and Nicky Welden


Happy Hank and Sondra Davis


Busy Bert and Lovey Handlesman


The incomparable, Igor and Natalia


Allan Berg and Carolyn who never missed a Friday night service!


Bridge Instructor extraordinaire, Rose Anne Levinson


Jerry and Terri Kohl who didn’t stay long enough!!


Our friends Peter and Yasko Newton with Stephanie (Michael was working!)


Secret Agents Dick and Janet Smith.  They may have to kill you if they tell you what they do!


Wonderful dinner in Joanie and Charlie’s suite.


Our beloved daily poker game!!


And last but certainly not least, Captain Dag.  When Regent excluded any mention of Captain Dag from the clip of the World Cruise video, that was petty, inexcusable and just plain wrong.  Captain Dag treated everyone with dignity and respect.  He was fun, accessible, caring, and made the cruise more enjoyable than it would have otherwise been. (…fog horn sounding in the distance…)

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