Enroute to Darwin, Australia; Cruise Day 66

Cruises often have galley tours. Passengers are interested, and it gives the kitchen staff to show off how neat and tidy things are.
Regent carries it one step farther. Today we not only had a galley tour, but they actually set up a buffet in the galley, bringing us even closer to the action.
You may recall how impressed I was with hearing James Fallows on Day 61. This man is smart and knows what is happening around the world.
Another guest speaker onboard who has been around the block, is Florida’s (retired) Senator Bob Graham. What a career he had. In 39 years, he never lost an election, until his bid for the Democratic Presidency in 2004.
We had a Charlie Rose type program today, where passengers gave Fallows a list of topics prior to the start. He then used those to interview Graham. It was terrific.
Again, I want to mention that not only is hearing these people and others a privilege, but speaking to them, one on one, in a social setting, is equally enjoyable.

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