Cruising Hubbard Glacier, Alaska; Cruise Day 116

Although we were at sea today, we spent most of the time at Hubbard Glacier, taking in the beauty, as well as learning about this glacier and glaciers in general.

Half of all the glaciers in the world are located in Alaska. Hubbard is the biggest tidewater glacier in the world, which means it ends in the sea.

It is about 76 miles long and six miles wide. As you know glaciers flow. The ice starts at the top and flows (gets pushed) down.The ice at the foot is about 400 years old.

About 75% of the world’s fresh water supply is in glaciers. Washington and Alaska are the only two states that get any material drinking water from glaciers.

For more information about glaciers, check these previous blogs from when we circled South America.

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