Cruise Line Entertainment Economics

Glenn Amer is a great pianist as well as a great vocalist. In fact if he did either exclusively his show would be great. But he blends both, which makes him even better. So, as with other entertainers we enjoy, we invited him for cocktails and dinner.

He travels about 30 weeks a year doing gigs on cruise ships. We questioned the wisdom given that he clearly is good enough to work shore side. He responded by saying that he gets big pay, works 45 minutes a week on average, and gets to see the world for free. Makes sense to me.

Then there are Igor and Natalia. I know them well because they work for the cruise line and I have been with them for two years now.  Never have I seen ballroom dancers who even approach their skill or grace.

They had no choice but to work on the ship because they have been waiting for green cards. They have them now. I wonder what their future will bring. Probably it is safe for them to stay on board until the economy ratchets up some more.

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