Cozumel, Mexico

I hadn’t been on a Card Player Poker Cruise since I sold it to Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher and Mark Tenner over 12 years ago. They are great friends, but I get plenty of poker in Las Vegas and spend about four months annually on cruise ships anyway.

Since they were kind enough to host this Card Player Poker Tour event in our first season, attending this one was the least I could do.

Plain and simple, their poker room is run great, absolutely everybody is friendly, and all have fun. While in port they always invite their guests to join them to fun places they know. Typically there may be  a snorkeling group and maybe another group going to a fun, clean local place for lunch.

Here I am 20 minutes away at Playa Bonita in Cozemel with almost 40 new and old friends at a sensational place that I never would have found on my own.

Allyn and I had a great time. It’s not The Ritz, but the daily tab was maybe 15% of what we normally pay.

Not to sound too commercial, but if you travel with them and mention my name when booking,  they will give you an extra discount.

Oh, the tournament. There were 43 players. Five places were paid. I finished sixth.    In poker parlance, that is called on the bubble.



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