Cinco de Mayo

In a light social setting, it is not cool to have political or other controversial conversations.

But after traveling with the same group for four months, visiting holocaust museums, studying apartheid, and now having witnessed a shockingly unconstitutional law passed in Arizona, I have started to speak.

Edmund Burke’s quote is still very apropos – “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.” That includes speaking up.
I appreciate that illegal immigration is a tough issue and there is much to be discussed. However, to allow somebody to be stopped, searched and have to prove citizenship, just because they look illegal (read that Hispanic), just does not work.
These Latinos only came here because they found work here. They have been hired to do jobs that others will not do, for less compensation than others. Merchants and professionals are also happy to sell their goods and services to these folks.

Why not take it the next step and force them to wear a patch as in my picture?

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