Centurion Lounge, Las Vegas Airport

Since it’s that time of year for travel, let’s talk airline lounges.

Internationally they tend to be geared for Business and First Class and one is better than the next.

In the US they tend to be available to people who choose to pay more every year and get less. They are crowded with a bit of lousy food and now drinks usually are for sale.

Las Vegas for years had none. The story is that they wanted people playing the slots at the airport.

Now they have a couple and one new one, Centurion Lounge (across from D1) could be the nicest in the country. It, along with DFW, is American Express’s entry in this area. It is free to Centurion (Black) and Platinum members, and $50 for the day to other AMEX card carriers.

The food and alcohol selections are extensive, high quality, and free. They are loaded with private spaces and, of course, totally high tech. Even concierges are available.

It makes you feel good about carrying an AMEX card.

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