Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2020

We were fortunate to have Cabo as an overnight in that it is a very fun city. We took advantage by having dinner off the ship with family and friends at The Sand Bar located right on the beach. I highly recommend.
We even could see our beautiful ship in the background.
Until last night, I was under the mistaken impression that Cabo San Lucas was the same city as Los Cabos. So wrong. The Cabo I know and have visited is the vibrant party town. Twenty minutes away is San Jose del Cabo which combined make up Los Cabos. That is Mexico’s fasted growing resort area and home to the rich and famous.
Names like Montage, Four Seasons, One&Only, Nobu, Aman, St. Regis, Caesars Palace and Ritz-Carlton Reserve are just a few that dot the Peninsula or are under construction. Warm, dry air combined by proximity to the U.S. makes this a wonderful international getaway.
I had to skip daytime activities due to a cold, but the fam had a wonderful day.
They said the camel riding was a blast. I couldn’t figure out what they are doing in Baja Mexico though. It seems that they are descendants of U.S. camels that were used experimentally during the Civil War. The latitude and climate here is quite similar the Sahara.
Michael was even able to get a shot of a whale blowing from shore. Because the water is deep, the whales can come close to shore.
Here he captures Cabo on a picture-perfect evening as we depart to Los Angeles. We are passing The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, where the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California. Sea lions as well as tourists love visiting here.

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