Beautiful Oregon Coast, 2023

We hadn’t travelled yet this summer and were excited to spend four days on the Oregon Coast.

Cannon Beach – For starters we flew to Portland, rented a vehicle, and headed directly to Cannon Beach to meet up with our good friends Ralph and Debbis Walker. Ralph and I have been pals for over 60 years and I was best man at their wedding 38 years ago.

We think its town is the loveliest along the coast. It is quite clean, neat, and tidy.

The number one site at Cannon Beach (and probably the entire Oregon Coast) is the iconic Haystack Rock. It has been around for over 15 million years. This shot is from our balcony.

Ecola State Park has one of the great viewpoints along the coast. That’s Haystack Rock in the background.

Hug Point – Besides beauty, there is history here. In the late 1800s, before the highway was built, stagecoach travel was along the beach in these parts. Even now you can walk along the original stagecoach road and see the wheel ruts carved into the rock. Pioneers traveling around this headland had to hug the point carefully, even at low tide. Thus the name, Hug Point.

B’nai B’rith Summer Camp – After Cannon Beach, we headed South. To break up the drive down the coast, we decided to stop at the Lincoln City Outlet Stores. I was shocked and elated to pass directly in front of BB Camp where I spent eight summers as a kid and it has some of my absolute fondest memories.

Depoe Bay – The next stop, two nights, were a couple hours south at Newport.  On the way down we stopped at Depoe Bay. It is home to the world’s smallest navigable harbor.

It is most renown for whale watching, however. From mid-December for 4 weeks about 20,000 gray whales pass by here from Alaska to Mexico.

Gracie’s Sea Hag is truly famous for its clam chowder. It is even written up in some big time New York Cook Book. The broth may have been the best ever. Too bad they skimp so much on the clams.


Newport – Our reason for staying in Newport (2.5 hours south of Cannon Beach) was to take in the Sea Lions. They are loud, smelly, and fascinating. We were not disappointed.

All over the world, the sunset view generally is peaceful and nice. It’s particularly nice at the Pacific Ocean where you face west. This shot was from our room.

Dinner was at Local Ocean Seafood, a typical Oregon Coast casual eatery with nice ambiance and service along with decent food.

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  1. Reyna says:

    Portland, my home town!
    So glad to see you both enjoying❤

  2. Howard Schlesinger says:

    Our you coming to San Francisco???

  3. Karen Vonier says:

    So glad to see you guys traveling again.
    Here’s to many more adventures!
    Stay well & safe! ❤️🎉🥂🍾

  4. Denise says:

    We are traveling north via the coast because of the fires around Grant’s Pass visiting the PNW National parks. Today heading to Olympic NP

  5. Jenifer Wilbers says:

    We just spent the last week in Portland and the Oregon coast. So close yet far away! In Tri-Cities, Washington: a well kept secret to be sure.

  6. Cheryl Niesen says:

    I particularly enjoyed your blog this morning seeing new (to me), beautiful places. You both look great & relaxed. Be safe, and enjoy this wonderful road trip!!!

  7. Sandra Benson says:

    Nothing feels better than traveling. So glad to see you both together traveling the USA

  8. Rod Waldbaum says:

    Sounds like a great trip! Glad to hear you and Ralph are keeping up your friendship.

    • Barry & Allyn Shulman says:

      Nice to hear from you. Actually we are on a short Alaska cruise r/t Seattle with Frankie and Dick.

  9. Terry Fleischer says:

    Now I know where Barry is from, looks like you’re having a wonderful time.

  10. Marv says:

    I am so glad to see that you guys are out on the road… And your photos were terrific! Most important, I hope that Allyn is feeling better, and that the prospects are positive. Please let me know if you are going to come down to Carmel… I’d love to see you! Hugs to both of you… Marv

  11. Elaine Berkson says:

    So glad you were able to take this lovely trip. Really enjoyed reading all about it.

  12. Molly Coler says:

    Just spent 4 days in otter rock in a gorgeous
    AirB&B just a few more miles up the coast from Depoe. Agree with you about this part of Oregon. Also love Cannon Beach. Also love you guys for giving me a most perfect arm chair travel experience. Thank you Thankyou.. ( I’m a friend of Stephanie Medhoff Jay.)

  13. Adrienne Kaufman says:

    So glad to see you on the move again. Your photos are lovely – I would never have thought to go there.
    Will you be going back on Crystal. We will be there for their Caribbean jaunt from Miami to Miami January 5, 2024 to January 18th. Friends of ours (the Scarletts) are staying on till New Zealand, but Richard’s not flying anymore so that didn’t work for us. It would be nice though to see you on Crystal in January. Let me know.
    Adrienne and Richard Kaufman

  14. Barbara Joan Stein says:

    Ted’s mother, grandfather and sister all went to that same Bnai Brith Camp. Different years, for sure! Enjoy your trip! Much love from South Florida.

    • Barry & Allyn Shulman says:

      That’s amazing. I didn’t know he was from the NW. In fact I didn’t even thin k he was Jewish living in the Arab world and all that.

  15. Debby Bobbitt says:

    I am so glad to see you all on the road again! I love seeing all the places and people you meet up with!

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