Bankok’s seaport is Laem Chabang, a full two hours and 30 minutes away. Since the ship was overnighting, we took the opportunity to stay overnight in town rather than doing a five-hour round trip or opting to pass on Bangkok altogether.

Because the dollar goes so far here, we were able to stay in a gorgeous top floor suite at The Peninsula Hotel

Dinner was at The Blue Elephant, a Thai restaurant that we have frequented many times at its London location.

Then it was off to Patpong, an area known internationally as one of the great red light districts in one of the great red light cities. They are particularly well known for their ping-pong ball shows. (Use your imagination if need be)

They have something for everybody here. We, of course, were just visiting the night market. (Wink).

This morning before heading back, we each had 2 hour massages (terrific and less than $30 each), and bought two nice pair of reading glasses ($1.50 each).

Halfway back, in the middle of nowhere, we stopped for a potty break at a Starbucks of all places. Interesting.


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