Bali, Ubud, and Surabaya, Indonesia 2023

We have had five stops in Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country with 23 million adherents, representing 86.7% of the population.

Komodo Island, one of over 17,000 Indonesia Islands is famous for the Komodo dragon. The world’s largest reptile is worth a peak, but being here twice before convinced me to stay onboard.

Allyn went off again.

We visited two different ports in Bali. The people here are so nice. Most (87%) of Bali residents are Hindu, a religious aberration here in Indonesia.

Bali is known for high-end hotels and fabulous beaches. Located in the center of the island is Ubud, its artisan and cultural center. Just driving there was fascinating, seeing the hustle bustle and interesting architecture.

We had a sensational family style lunch at Indus where most of us had been before. And the tab was just $20 per couple. To top it off was the amazing view.

We took a different route on the way back to the ship which allowed us to pass many rice paddies.

Our final Indonesian port was Surabaya. I had never even heard of it before, although it is the second largest city in Indonesia. It wasn’t lovely, but it sure was busy.

I don’t know who this guy is. He must be important though.


We came to see them, and they came to see us.


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  1. June Heller says:

    Really interesting post, as usual. I get tired just reading them. xoxo

    • Karen Vonier says:

      Entertaining as always ! When people tell me the ONE place they want to visit is Bali…..I just say REALLY????

      You two are a fabulous duo & keep the updates flowing!


  2. Robert Skaggs says:

    I always enjoys your travel posts. They have just the right amount of pictures and commentary. They always invites me to someday have the same experience. I love seeing Allyn smiling.

  3. Marsha Genard says:

    It is 9:34 pm March 6th and I am reading this for the first time. I am a little grateful that i didn’t know all this when it was going on.
    Glad you don’t have cancer. I miss you and look forward to getting together when you come home.

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