Bainbridge Island, WA 2020

We visited Bainbridge Island today. It is a half hour ferry ride from downtown Seattle. It could be the most beautiful commute in the US.
We had a lunch at Harbour Public House. Lately we only eat out if there is outside seating. The food was as good as the view and the draught beer list was surprisingly huge.
After lunch we visited a small beach house I owned years ago. The current owner was there and chatted us up a while.
Fay Bainbridge Park still is delightful. Besides the normal activities, it is one of the most peaceful environments that I know. It was the main incentive for our trip today.
We took a hike down the beach and saw all these shoes in front of somebody’s house. I’m not sure whether they are supposed to be art or some type of outside closet.
We continued our walk and went all the way to the second beach home that I had for quite a while. When my boys were young I was on the road constantly and wanted to make up for it by having a place we could visit on weekends for some intense bonding. We loved it so much that we moved in there during the summers and even kept it when we lived in New York.
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