Athens (Piraeus), Greece at O Giannis Fish Tavern

The first segment ended this morning in Piraeus, the major port of Greece, just outside Athens. Virtually everybody disembarked, but we are on for two more segments.

Instead of running into Athens for the day (we have been here a couple of times), I decided to find a great locals seafood restaurant in this town famous for some nice restaurants; however many are extremely expensive and major rip-offs, especially along the water.

After significant research, I found the perfect place – O Giannis Fish Tavern  at Leof. Chatzikiriakou 107, Pireas, about a mile from the port. You would never confuse it for a tourist place. In fact their website and cards are all in Greek and they don’t even have an email. What they do have is GREAT fish and seafood, service and friendliness. (They do have English translations on the menu.)

Although it was almost empty when we arrived it was jammed when we left. Nevertheless the chef invited us into her kitchen to show us drawer by drawer the fresh fish she had today from which we could choose since so many types were foreign (literally and figuratively) to us.






Since we have been quite good on the dieting, we decided to try (too) many various items to give them a good test. We started with a wonderful Greek salad along with water, toast, and wine.


Then they brought a great octopus (which I almost forgot to photograph).


And then a plate of mussel for another appetizer.


And then the best monkfish I ever had.


After we were done the brought us some Greek digestif complementary. The entire tab with tax and service was 57 Euros. What a deal, and definitely the best meal of the trip so far. And, but for overdoing it on the toast, it was quite healthy.

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