Announcing JetSetWay Vacations

Let’s have fun traveling together.

Allyn and I are having a fabulous time seeing the world and sharing our trips with you!  Often we are asked how to travel, when to travel and where to travel.  We have the answer!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with our good friends and travel experts, Mary Pat and Jay Silberman, owners of Cruise Consultants Company who are the ultimate luxury cruise and tour experts.

Taking a journey with friends makes the experience that much more amazing and we’d love you to join us. Whether you want to travel with us or make an itinerary of your own, we can help! 

We know the ships, the countries. the tidbits, the restaurants, and even where to get the best massages the world over!

Don’t just read about the fun!  

Click JetSetWay Vacations to learn more.  

Together we can make memories like these: 

Visit beautiful Sydney.

Spend time with celebrities like Don Shula.

Go on a real African safari.

 Have custom clothes fast and cheap in Shanghai.

 Visit the Great Wall of China.

Have a romantic lunch at the Isle of Capri.

 Ride a gondola in Venice.

 See the animals inches away in the Galapagos Islands.

 Enjoy an elephant ride in Thailand.

 Catch a piranha in Amazon.

Dogsled in Alaska.

Deep sea diving (12 feet?) in Tahiti.

But the best time is on the ship itself.

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