Amalfi and Sorrento

What a beautiful day we had. The morning was spent walking around Amalfi. Like the other towns on the Amalfi coast, it is quaint, charming, lovely and full of friendly people. Although the coast is named for this town, it is quite small, quite Italian and not packed with tourists. That adds to its charm. Most people who disembarked for the day did it just to grab a trip to Pompeii which is definitely worthwhile.

Then the ship repositioned to Sorrento. Although I really cannot stand shopping, Sorrento is one of the few cities of the world where I can spend hours walking the streets and actually visiting a store or two. I consider it sightseeing more than shopping. Although the view to the water is unsurpassed, I feel that it is actually surpassed by the view along the narrow, windy streets.

Travel tip – There are four ways to get from the port up the hill. Walking works, but be advised that there are over 200 stairs. Taxis are generally plentiful at about 10 Euros. Free shuttle buses make the run, but not often and are CRAMMED. There is an easy 1 Euro bus that goes more often and is fun. I recommend the vehicle route because the trip itself is an experience. The drivers yell at each other in the classic Italian manner. The road is NARROW yet has two way traffic and it is a hoot.

Restaurant tip – Il Buco,  is outstanding gourmet Italian right in the heart of town. If you eat outside every table is at a different level walking down a hill and extremely private.

Restaurant tip 2 – Don Alfonso, is considered the best restaurant in Southern Italy. It is just nine kilometers out of town. Unfortunately it is closed Mondays which precluded us from eating there.


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