Tokyo, Japan 2023

With only a day in Tokyo, we chose to forget this shrine and that garden. We visited the real deal.

Everybody knows that Tokyo is big. With just under 40MM inhabitants it is VERY crowded, yet immaculate. It has one of the world’s lowest crime rates. On our short stay we found virtually everybody extremely friendly.

From the ship we took a taxi in and found it totally immaculate and comfortable. The driver wore a suit and Allyn was able to charge her phone while enroute.

Our touring centered around Takashimaya Department store which accounts for over half the space in 16 story Takashimaya Times Square Building.

Each floor was more beautiful than the next. Although Allyn tried to buy something on every floor, she was not successful.

It sits adjacent to Shinjuku Station, by far the world’s busiest train station with about 3.6 million passengers daily. To put that in perspective it is more than triple Grand Central and Penn Station combined.

Oh, and just down the road is the famous Shimbuya Crossing where up to 3,000 people cross during every two-minute frequency during rush hour.

Surprisingly, the highlight was the food floor. It even puts Harrods food hall in London to shame.

Goodbye, Tokyo.

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  1. Karen Vonier says:

    Wow on all levels. I wonder if their personal living quarters are as clean?

  2. Jody Fayant says:

    Amazing! Have fun ;)

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