Penang, Malaysia 2016





Our tour of Penang had two stops today. First off was Penang Hill, 2,750 feet up a 10-minute funicular ride. The main attraction is the city view. That’s great except we were enshrouded in fog.




Not to be dissuaded, we climbed up even higher to the top to visit the Hindu Temple, one of the oldest in this part of the world.




I have no clue what their art means, but it sure is interesting.




Then it was off to Kek Lok Si Temple, a Buddhist Temple requiring another 500 steps. It’s the largest Buddhist Temple in Malaysia.


Its seven story Pogoda is quite impressive just by itself.




Half way up is the Laughing Buddha.



Seeing the 99 foot bronze statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy is quite a culmination. This statue is the tallest of Guanyin in the world.



Even her disciples are impressive.

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