Langkawi, Malaysia 2016

by Allyn



Our last Malaysian stop is Langkawi, a beautiful port, actually the only UNESCO endorsed geopark in SE Asia. This area took 550 million years of erosion to form.



I visited Kilim Geoforest Park, a spectacular nature reserve, reached only by boat on the Kilim river



We even saw the Brahminy Kite Eagle.




Visit a floating fish farm for a close-up view of an upside down stingray and a Mangrove Horseshoe Crab that I am holding.  Barry asked me if the crab was on a plate.  Uh, no honey; it’s UPSIDEDOWN!




My number one attraction was visiting the bat caves where upwards of 1,000 bats live along with spectacular stalactites (icicle-shaped mineral formations that hang down from the ceiling of a cave) and stalagmites (upward-growing). 



There are even tree roots shooting down from the ceiling of the cave!!

Just before entering the bat cave, our guide cautions us that a bat hanging from both feet is awake.  One foot – he’s sleeping and WATCH OUT!  That’s when they poop.  I quickly look around.  I am the only hatless participant.  Nooo, not again!


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