Jasper, Alberta, Canada (2021)

Our final stop in the Canadian Rockies was Jasper. We stayed at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

As usual Fairmont seemed to have the best location and this one covered a huge amount of acreage.

We seem to be getting used to seeing elk lately.

Since we were late as usual arriving (see trip review tomorrow) we decided to eat casually at the hotel on the patio. We had a beautiful evening and couldn’t ask for a better outlook.

One of us (no names) tends to like a nice glass of champagne and I like beer. I’m not sure what that says about our compatibility.

We hung around the hotel during the day needing a bit of a break, and the lake here is such a sight in itself.

Even (especially?) after sunset!

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  1. Jo says:

    Nice trip! Hope you enjoyed your time in Canada.

  2. finneganmama says:

    We were there exactly 8 years ago! Rented bikes to ride around that area. Looking forward to hearing your final review. You have seen the cream of the crop!

  3. seberkson1 says:

    Many thanks for sharing this beautiful trip with us at home. Much appreciated and enjoyed.

  4. Janet Anagnos says:

    It’s a beaut.

  5. Wendi De Bie says:

    I’ve enjoyed seeing these beautiful sights!

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