Horseshoe Bend, AZ (2021)


More beauty today. This morning we headed from Flagstaff, AZ to Page, AZ looking forward to today’s sole activity – Horseshoe Bend. It’s on the East Rim of Grand Canyon, adjacent to Navajo lands. We were caught unaware of the magnitude of beauty along the two hour drive. WOW!

It is a .6 mile easy walk down to the overlook with the uphill return is a bit tougher of course. The 100-degree weather made things a bit tougher, but we had plenty of water.

6 million years ago Horseshoe Bend was about sea level. Then things changed (there are different theories) and now it is about 3,200 feet above sea level and our lookout was another 1,000 feet higher yet.

To get a feel for the magnitude, check out the little white specs in the water. Those are boats.

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  1. Karen Vonier says:

    OMG….. I have missed this spot….. now on list
    Pictures are exquisite. Thanks for sharing this gem. Safe travels!

  2. seberkson1 says:

    Absolutely unbelievable.

  3. stanley50 says:

    Absolutely unbelievable.

  4. Rob says:

    I hope some of the luck you get from a horseshoe rubs off on you for WSOP!!! Have fun..


  5. Janet Anagnos says:

    Hard to believe whats in our country. Janet

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