03 Sep 2020

Cannon Beach, OR 2020

They are very strict here about drones flying close to Haystack Rock given that it is a natural habitat for many birds. We had to stay 1,000 feet away. We honored that, but Allyn still was able to get a great shot. It is fun to look down at the clouds.
Although physically similar to Seaside, just nine miles away, Cannon Beach has a much classier vibe. Both are fun depending on the mood.
It just doesn't get tiring to walk this beach.
One couple was even getting married on the sand.
Our friends, Perry and Robyn came down from Portland to join us for the evening. Dinner was outside at a quaint tiny restaurant, Newmans at 988.
After dinner our hotel, Stephanie Inn, set us up with a lovely fire and chairs on the beach. 
Allyn may stay there all night.

01 Sep 2020

Road Trip Seattle - Las Vegas 2020

Our two month Seattle visit has ended. Next comes the two-week roadtrip south to our home in Las Vegas. Most of the first week will be the Oregon Coast.
First, though, was a visit to the amazing 611 foot Multnomah Falls, on the Columbia River about a half hour drive east from Portland. 
More than 2 million people visit it annually making it the most visited natural recreational site in the Pacific Northwest. 
Because of Covid we were not able to hike up to the bridge viewing point half way up, let alone go to the top. Oh well.
We checked into The Stephanie Inn, our home for three nights. It is arguably the best hotel on the Oregon Coast, let alone Cannon Beach, where it is located. I will opine later.
I will say this. The room is lovely and we are right on the ocean with a direct view of the famous Haystack rock.
We drove to Seaside to check it out and for dinner. It has always been quite fun and very honky tonk. It's always been a favorite of mine and it made for fond memories.
Covid sign of the times - Check out our restaurant dinner table. They put up picnic tables in the parking lot so that folks could dine outside with proper distance. You just gotta do what you gotta do. That brought us.

20 Aug 2020

Leavenworth, WA

Not unlike many others, Allyn and I planned on spending time in Europe this summer. That did not happen for obvious reasons. So, trying to replicate a bit of the experience, we went to Leavenworth, WA for a couple days.
Leavenworth is an extremely cute Bavarian village about two and a half hours from Seattle just on the east side of the Cascade Mountains.
A proper Bavarian dinner was had outside, on the balcony, at Mozart's
We stayed at The Posthotel which was clearly the nicest hotel in town, right at The Wenatchee River. However, the folks working there seemed a bit stuffy to us. 
We planned on major hiking and ended up with major spa-ing.

14 Aug 2020

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

We had the pleasure of spending two nights at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. My niece, Dina, was kind enough to lend some of our family her house for the visit.
Son Happy's family took the ferry while Allyn and I flew via a float plane.
Dina's place is synonymous with chill.
We had a marvelous meal at Roche Harbor overlooking wall to wall yachts. 
The chillness continues here into the evening.
This morning I opened the door to a deer staring me down.
Allyn and I flightsee all over the world and coming back to Seattle today was as beautiful as any we have experienced.

09 Aug 2020

Seattle Japanese Gardens

Hey Seattle family and friends. Have you ever been to the Seattle Japanese Gardens? I remember when they were created in 1960, but never had a chance to visit them. Have you?
You won’t find a more serene place in town. No wonder it is one of the most highly regarded Japanese-style gardens in North America and attracts over 100,000 visitors annually.
Gardens in Japan have long been regarded as an important art form that’s essential to life. This 3.5-acre garden features a style developed in the late-16th to early-17th centuries known as stroll gardens
They were designed by renown landscape designer Juki Iida. Although he designed over 3,000 gardens in Tokyo, this is the only large scale one that has survived.
I didn’t take this shot. As beautiful as it was today, the colors are much more spectacular other times of the year.