20 Nov 2019

Carbone Italian Restaurant - Las Vegas

I don't think I have ever devoted an entire blog to a restaurant, but if I had it certainly would not have been to say how bad it was. Tonight was a blast with our friends the Hellers from Knoxville, Tennessee, but the meal was horrific.

Since Carbone' is a fancy Italian restaurant at The Aria, one would expect it to be quite expensive so we will not hold that against them. However layer on top of that, that the food was very bad and the service worse and we find ourselves with a blog panning a restaurant, which is not my usual style.

We arrive for dinner to find our friends in the common area between two high end restaurants and Rob smiles to the hostesses at the other restaurant and says how lovely they look tonight. They both give him a dirty look. It was weird because this guy is the farthest thing from a letch. Allyn, always the peacemaker, then goes to the two ladies and suggests all is good and they should learn to take a complement. They just glare at her. Maybe this should have been a clue to service at Aria.

Rob brings a couple bottles of wine and points out one only has a couple glasses left. They say it will still be $50 per bottle corkage. OK. So be it.

We start out with a Caesar which would have been good if it were not so warm. For those prices the lettuce should be properly chilled. Not a huge deal, BUT he puts the entire bowl on the table instead of serving out the four salads. Allyn, gobsmacked, say to the waiter "would you please serve us" and he say "nope". Upon further investigation he says "If I serve you then others would expect the same service." Hello !>@@# 

Then comes the pasta course. The spicy penne may have been right out of a chef boyardee can except I remembered it having more flavor. The two only clams in the linguine and clams were fine but the linguine was so salty the even Allyn could not eat it and she used to have a salt lick in her office.

The veal parmesan was an absolute joke. It could have been from a cheap buffet. Sometimes any business, including great restaurants, have a bad night. They good ones want  (need) to hear legitimate feedback.

We asked for the manager and politely told her about the evening. She just shrugged her shoulders.

As we left I looked around and it didn't seem like there was a local person in the restaurant. Most occupied tables were fairly large with obvious businessmen on expense accounts. This is strictly a tourist trap. We certainly will not return. If you want great Italian in Las Vegas there are many better.

Our go to place is Pieros - way better food, service, and ambiance. And, although fairly pricey, you never feel ripped off.

14 Nov 2019

Honolulu, HI Nov, 2019

What a night !  Coast Guard Admiral and Mrs. Kevin Lunday hosted us and five other couples at their home this evening.
They just happen to live on property at Honolulu's iconic Diamond Head Lighthouse. 
How did they get such fabulous quarters? I guess when you are the commander of the entire South Pacific (over 14 million square miles), the Coast Guard's largest district, then Uncle Sam takes care of you.
Although closed to the public, Adm Lunday gave us a personal tour all the way to the top of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was originally built in 1899, and was rebuilt in 1917. It is 55 feet high but stands 147 feet above sea level. It can been seen for 18 miles.
The Coast Guard has been responsible for it since 1932 which works nicely for the Lundays.

04 Nov 2019

Mainero Horan Wedding

Stay tuned for some blogging as we are headed to Hawaii for a couple weeks. But first we had a very important weekend at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, CA for the Mainero Horan wedding. That is as in Julian Horan, Allyn's first born.
Julian and sister Jessica.
I absolutely love the look on his face as he witnesses his soon to be wife walking down the aisle.
Here he is with his beautiful bride Christina, their first walk as husband and wife.
Allyn looked elegant herself as usual. Regal even.
Then we topped off the weekend with a wonderful meal at The Original Fish Company, our favorite Orange County restaurant.

04 Sep 2019

London (Post Cruise) 2019 Part 3

Allyn and I decided to take it easy this final day of this summer’s Europe trip. That meant lots of walking visiting old places and new, just using the London underground for transportation, having a deluxe massage and finding a new wonderful dinner house.
The circled part of the map shows the London most tourists (including us) think of and visit when here. It’s not unlike thinking of New York as Fifth Avenue, Broadway, Museum mile, Central Park, some Wall Street, and combining the Whitehouse, Congress, Smithsonian, and some major monuments from Washington.
We decided to head to Canary Wharf and started with a massage that got the day off quite nicely.
From 1802 to the late 1980s Canary Wharf was one of the busiest ports in the world. During their last 20 years business declined until all the docks were closed by 1980.
Subsequently after a couple shaky starts it has become one of UK’s huge financial centers with over 14 million feet of office space. That is a bunch. With that comes beautiful shopping malls, restaurants and even wonderful outdoor spaces and artsy things. 
Canary Wharf factoids - 
   It housed London’s tallest building (now second tallest).
   The subway station is so big that that building could fit in it lying down.
   Average income here is over $120,000 annually.
   The name comes from the fact that an important dock here received major shipments from the Canary Islands.
   Coincidentally Canary Wharf is located on the Isle of Dogs and the Canary Islands are actually named after a Latin word derived from dogs because there were so many dogs there.
We headed back to Mayfair and walked the entirety of Old Bond Street. 
It is as elegant as ever. 
There are some facelifts going on.
Allyn stopped to visit with Roosevelt and Churchill.
And we even had time to stroll Regent Street.
Yesterday I searched for an elegant fish restaurant in a new (for us) neighborhood, I wanted to finish our trip with something really special for Allyn. I found Smith's (and crossed my fingers) in Wapping, an area I had never heard of.
This is what we looked at during our 10 minute walk from the subway station to dinner. I was a bit apprehensive.
As the London Docklands deteriorated, so did this area with their big warehouses left empty. During the 1980s the warehouses started to be converted into luxury flats. 
Now it is a quiet lovely neighborhood mainly populated by young professions and some notables such as Helen Mirren and Cher.
We walked into the beautiful restaurant and there was the Tower bridge right out the window. Wow were we surprised to see the water side after walking out on the restaurant terrace.
The service and food at Smith's was as good as the ambiance. Recognizing we were Americans they filled the water pitcher with ice automatically. Nice touch.
As usual, deluxe Dover sole in London is way better than at home.
To top the meal off, owner Mr. Greg Molen came over and chatted us up a while and even bought us a couple drinks. He said that he likes to make out of towners feel at home in his establishment.
We had to check out the view again after finishing dinner.
The building in the background is the Shard, which is now the tallest building in the UK. During our last trip to London we stayed there at the Shangri-La.
We finished the day, and the trip, with an  ice cream handmade right in front of us.

02 Sep 2019

London (Post Cruise) 2019 Churchill War Rooms

We had a super private tour of the Churchill War Rooms, where history was made. We were allowed access to the actual private rooms with the actual furniture, equipment and other items. Other tourists could only view from behind the glass.
This underground bunker allowed Britain's leaders to plot the allied route to victory during the Second World War. It is below Westminster and sheltered Winston Churchill and his war cabinet from the German bombing raids.
Fortunately they were not bombed because it was not really bomb proof.
During the war even the King and Queen as well as Eisenhower had to sign in of course.
The War Cabinet Room is where Churchill and his three Chiefs of Staff sat eyeball to eyeball and hammered out policy with help from the support staff. They met here 115 times during the War. 
In the map room they charted the various German positions daily. The holes in the wall show pin placement.
They also kept track here of their naval loses. Thing are left exactly as they were the day the war ended.
Although this was Churchill's actual bedroom, he only slept here a few nights during the war.  He used this room as his office and for some private time. The microphones in the back were for when he broadcast information over BBC.
The switchboard operators and typists, all civilian women, often remained underground day and night, sleeping between shifts in the sub-basement below the War Rooms.
This grumpy face from this famous photo named Roaring Lion, taken in Canada of Churchill, is on the British 5 Pound Note. The reason for the look is that the photographer grabbed the ubiquitous cigar out of his mouth immediately before. He smoked eight a day. Churchill said to the photographer, Yousuf Karsh, that he could make a roaring lion stand still to be photographed. That photo, which made the cover of Life magazine,  captured the defiance that Churchill and Britain were feeling at the time.
This is the famous Enigma encryption machine used by the Germans to transmit coded messages. It allows for billions of ways to encode a message, making it incredibly difficult to crack. Finally they did however. Some historians believe that the cracking of Enigma was the single most important victory by the Allied powers during WWII. 
Speaking of history, When we left The War Museum we were in the middle of a gigantic peaceful Brexit protest. We couldn't hardly move. It seems that Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended Parliament so that Brexit could move forward.