10 Aug 2008

Goodbye yacht; Hello Cannes

We headed out this morning for Cannes where we had to give a final goodbye to our yacht-for- a- week, but gave a big hello to The Majestic Hotel which will be home base for nine days.


Michael is tooting off to Istanbul to visit friends and will hook back up with us for the next leg.

I barely had time to handle the room situation and then had to get back to Monte Carlo to play in the finals of the tournament from a few nights ago.

Tip – It is almost an unwritten rule that in the older hotels where most rooms are rather unique, that you must show displeasure with the first one that they put you in so that they will give you a better one, for the same price of course.

Cold decked in Monte Carlo - The tournament was a drag. I came fully prepared to win, but only mustered up a 33rd which got me my $4,250 back, but wasn’t enough to cover the $250 taxi ride back to Cannes. The JETSETWAY would, of course, be a limo but I assure you I wasn’t in the mood to spend the $400 for the 1.5 hour ride.

I had laid my trap perfectly and was cold decked by my target.

Definition – Historically a cold deck has been an expression for a deck of cards used by cheats that was brought in fresh to a game with the cards preset. The expression gets its name because the deck actually felt colder than usual because currently used cards feel warm from handling. These days it refers to a hand that plays out as if it were a cold deck.

09 Aug 2008


Today we moored at Marina Baie des Anges which is located between Nice and Antibes. According to their website it is the prettiest port on the French Riviera. According to others the concrete apartments here are an eyesore.

From a distance, the four pyramid-shaped huge apartment complexes offend the eye. Surprisingly, as we approached the Marina and then disembarked, the area was quite nice indeed.

The marina area is definitely lovely, surrounded by clean peaceful restaurants, bars and cute stores. I don’t find the apartments architecturally ugly, up close, but then I like big cities with big skyscrapers. Certainly everything is new here, which always helps.

Fact – All the way from the Italian border to Cannes the beach is rock, not sand.

That is not my idea of a good time.

Fact - The city of Nice sits on le Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels). It is so named because of the angel sharks that inhabit its waters and “protected” the denizens of Nice from pirates, back in the day.

Antibes – Tonight we went to Antibes to check things out. Like many other European spots, they have several blocks blocked off which really makes it nice for pedestrians. I highly recommend spending an afternoon or evening there.

Antibes restaurant recommendation – Michelangelo

08 Aug 2008

Monaco Millionaires

Thirty years ago I was sitting in the swankiest golf clubhouse I had ever frequented. The gentleman I was with who had been a member for decades told me that they had two types of members – rich millionaires and poor millionaires.

They seem to only have the rich type millionaires here. I have seen more Rolls-Royces and Ferraris here in two days than in my entire life in Beverly Hills, New York and Miami combined. Many of the taxis are Mercedes Benz.

Fact – The Principality of Monaco is only .75 sq. miles with a population of about 35,000.

The industry here is just tourism and gambling. But that is plenty, given that millions of people travel here annually and one family owns the town.

Wealthy people flock here because the weather is great, there are NO income taxes, and other wealthy people come here. That doesn’t hurt the retail or casino industry at all. It seems to work just fine.

I was so amped after the tournament last night I stayed up until 5:45 am having fun with the family and writing the blog. Tomorrow is our last full day on the yacht.

07 Aug 2008

Monte-Carlo Poker Masters

It just doesn’t get any better than this. Yesterday while playing on the Internet I learned that there was a good sized poker tournament going on in Monte Carlo.  As you may know, Monte Carlo and St. Tropez are on complete opposite ends of the French Riviera and stand as bookends to some of the most beautiful coastline, anywhere.

Imagine going via yacht to Monte Carlo for a poker tournament.
I have been at the marina many times watching the yachts and wondering who all the fancy people were on them. Now here we were mooring and the people dockside were wondering who we were.
Most poker tournaments have a structure where as players lose their chips they are out of the tournament and ultimately there is one winner. This one is different. The entry was 2,500 Euros (appx $4,250), and there are four first days. Each day the top 15% of the players move to the Sunday final. These top 15% are then “in the money.” The unique twist is that if you go broke on the first day, you can buy in again on the second day. So some people may be paying 10,000 Euros hoping to get to the finals.
The tournament director is an old friend I met years ago at The Aviation Club Casino in Paris, Oriane Teysseire. She was so appreciative that we came that she arranged to get us a room for the evening at The Fairmont Hotel, the site of the tournament.
48 of us signed up which meant that seven of us would qualify for Sunday. At 3am we finished for the evening and I was the chip leader. I’ll be back Sunday with more to report.
What a day!


06 Aug 2008

St. Tropez and its environs

I’ve probably visited St. Tropez fifteen of the last thirty years and still enjoy it. But make no mistake about it, it has outlived its reputation in many respects.

Bridget Bardot made it famous 50 years ago and it became famous for the rich and beautiful. It is quite secluded because it is at the end of a long peninsula with no train access and poor auto access.

Nowadays it is so crowded that the super rich are nowhere to be seen, it is overpriced and overcrowded, especially in August. So here I am.

The trick is to not spend too much time in the center of town. The port is worth a peak and a couple hours. Senequier is world famous and worth a coffee and gelato.

The famous beaches are actually around the bend in a city called Ramatuelle. It is well worth an afternoon, the women are still world class, and it still has a hedonistic feel to it. Like other parts of Europe, especially France, what they call beaches are really portions of beaches that are private with accommodations rented by the day. Most have lounges, umbrellas, dining, bar, water sports and massages available. Many also have a hedonistic feel to them in proportion to the young single patrons. Moorea Plage is one of my favorites.

Tip - Be sure to bring your own beach towel. What do you want for 50 Euros?

The other night I mentioned dinner at Port Grimaud. Tonight we went up to the Gassin which overlooks St. Tropez and is considered by many to be the most beautiful village in France. You may notice that often I do not mention restaurant names. That would typically be in areas such as where we have visited where there are countless ones that are close by and may strike your fancy.

Heard at the port today – The Democrats are the party of no ideas and the Republicans are the party of bad ideas.