26 Nov 2008

The Crow Restaurant, Seattle

While in Seattle, Allyn and I had the pleasure of having dinner with our close friends Mike and Janet Silver. Not too many people have had more experience eating and drinking at various places around Seattle than the Silvers. They know that we crave neighborhood dining when in Seattle, because this is something we lack in Las Vegas.

As such, Mike's pick was right on when he suggested that we eat at The Crow in lower Queen Anne. Located in an old warehouse, The Crow is close to downtown and the Seattle Center, and all other attractions the city has to offer.  And certainly is a deluxe American neighborhood bistro.

The Mediterranean platter worked well for starters. The Kumamoto Oysters were superb, and three of us had the chicken (which I will certain repeat next time around).

JetSetWay tip - Generally oysters cost about the same, big or small. Smaller oysters are usually tastier.

The wine list worked well with the food, complementing the entire dinner experience. Let them help you select, and you will probably have a bottle both better and cheaper than if you go it alone. As stated in the Seattle Times "They do everything absolutely right." They certainly do. Visit them online at

24 Nov 2008

Inn At The Market, Seattle

Seattle is a gorgeous city. True, it is gray here often. True, it drizzles here often. True, fashion is not the end all here, and true, currently all the teams suck. But, it is home.

Even though I lived in New York for four years and now Las Vegas for 15 years, Seattle is my home. Believe me; I did not move to Las Vegas for its natural beauty.

The best part about Seattle is the quality of the people. They tend to work, smile, and are honest and competent. The next best thing is its natural beauty. I have traveled all over the world and it holds its own with any place.

I remember several years ago driving along the coast from Nice to Monte Carlo and the guide pointing out that the road we were traveling had one of the most beautiful views in the world. My wife and I chuckled because we had a much more spectacular view from our bedroom window.

So, with all that in mind, let's talk Seattle Hotels. The most elegant and centrally located hotel is the city is the Fairmont Olympic. It has maintained its well deserved number one rating for generations. And its Georgian Room still probably is the most elegant restaurant in town.

This week end I am staying at The Inn at the Market. It is the ultimate small luxury hotel in Seattle. The picture you see are taken from my room (614, a beautiful parlor suite). We are right at the world famous Pike Place market which is exactly where we spent our entire day. Visit them online at


22 Nov 2008

Rustica Restaurant, Seattle

If you are looking for a very quiet, romantic high end Northern Italian restaurant in Seattle, this is the one.

We had a terrific meal at Rustica last night. There are only about 15 tables in this quaint restaurant and only about five of those were occupied. The food, service and décor were all top notch. With the exception of the Italian background music, it was totally silent.

We could tell by ambient conversation that all the other tables were occupied by frequent diners who were clearly fans. These folks are in dire need of marketing.

Allyn had a pan seared Petrole Sole (the fish of the day), perfectly prepared with lemon and capers with a side of vegetables and homemade pasta. The fish is ideal for those who like it light and mild. It was preceded by a spinach salad which was fresh, crisp and delicious.

I led off with a Caesar salad which had their custom dressing. It had more garlic than is customary. It worked fine for me, but I’m not sure it was exactly a Caesar.

The highlight was my Chicken Puntinesca. The spicy tomato sauce was superb and worked great with the nice Cabernet. Their wine list is marginal at best.

True, things are tough out there in Seattle (and it was raining), but if they can’t get at least one full turn on a Friday night, then I wonder how long they will survive.

For more information, visit

20 Nov 2008

Piero’s Restaurant in Las Vegas

Piero’s is the ultimate Las Vegas institution. You may find a restaurant with better food or better décor, but none will have better service, nor will any give a more enjoyable evening.

Everybody who is anybody in Las Vegas eats at Piero’s. If you are lucky enough to eat in the "A Room," you will be surrounded by the old time movers and shakers in Las Vegas, and/or their heirs.

They have many private rooms which can accommodate groups of almost any size, with as much privacy as desired. Rumor has it that the mob used to meet here frequently because it was considered safe, private, neutral ground.

Recently, Freddie Glusman (Piero’s high profile owner and host) has been spending more time in California than Las Vegas. His extremely capable son, Evan, is probably who will be there when you visit.

This restaurant has cachet like none other in town. The awards speak for themselves:

- DiRoNa (Distinguished Restaurants of North America) Award Recipient:  14 Years
- Zagat Survey: America's Top Restaurants:  9 Years
- Zagat Survey: "Best Italian Restaurant in Las Vegas":  10 Years
- Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association "Best Italian Restaurant":  10 Years
- American Academy of Hospitality Science Five-Star Diamond Award:  12 Years
- Wine Spectator:  5 Years

Visit Piero's at:, or call 1.702.369.2305.  You will not regret it.


16 Nov 2008

Andre's French Restaurant

André Rochat, Chef/Proprietor of Andre's French Restaurant, has been Las Vegas’ marquis chef for decades --  long before all the big names from New York and Beverly Hills arrived on the scene. The original Andre's Restaurant is a 1980s renovated house in the downtown area. Almost three decades later, it is still fabulous.

Andre has now expanded to a namesake restaurant in the Monte Carlo and the eye popping Alize which is on top of The Palms. All are lovely. All are special. But, the Palms can be a bit too noisy for those of us who like their restaurants quiet. As such, we chose the original, which will be closing at the end of the year, but still brings fond memories. Andres at Monte Carlo is currently closed for renovation and will reopen early 2009.

Allyn’s Dover sole, the best she has ever had, was cooked to perfection with its juiciness and sauciness. I had a veal chop, which I normally associate with Italian food. However, this one was A+ and definitely had a French flair to it. The signature two pound lobster thermidor and foie gras also received rave reviews.