09 Nov 2008

Dream Team Poker Tournament – Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

Allyn, Tim and I represented in today’s team tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel. The above picture of Tim and me may give you a clue as to our finish.

The team concept is certainly unique to poker, which tends to be a solo affair. However, it was fun for a change of pace in that it gave everybody roots. The scoring is quite simple. Each team had three players ,and the first one out is excluded. The other two finishers add up their position (1 for first, 2 for second etc.). The lowest score wins.

There were 27 teams, and we ended up in about 9th.

08 Nov 2008

Dream Team Poker Tournament Party

You might be wondering what Tim Resnik (President of, and I are doing bowling at a poker party. Actually we were at the penthouse suite at The Hard Rock Hotel, and it is so big that is has a bowling alley in it! Very Las Vegas indeed.

The event was a pre-party for tomorrow’s Dream Team event which is a poker tournament with three person teams. Tim, Allyn, and I will be representing Spade Club. Stay tuned.

07 Nov 2008

Nevada Cancer Institute Gala

It’s been a long time since I have put on a tie three times in three weeks. It must be the charity season.

Tonight, along with 900 other people we had the privilege of attending the Bond for the Cure, the 7th annual gala of the Nevada Cancer Institute.

Even though the economy is in the pits, it is heartwarming to see people accustomed to the "high-life" recognizing that we still must dig deep to search for the cure and to help the ailing.

Every community has its own Cancer Society. Here, in Nevada, we are working hard to make our institute one of the few premier facilities in the world. Every year we get closer to that goal.

It was quite fun meeting Larry King who has been the Master of Ceremonies all seven years. He certainly had a busy week.


05 Nov 2008

The Palm Restaurant

For over 80 years, The Palm restaurants have consistently served superb, flavorful, fresh food with a seemingly effortless style. With 30 about venues, the Palm restaurant is renowned for its big bold steaks, fresh fish, fabulous lobster, tasty veggies and yummy desserts to round out the meal.
The Palm offers exclusive discounts for club members.  I recommend joining the Palm’s renowned “837 Club.”  As a member, you will receive bonuses, discounts and panoply of other benefits.  The name 837, reflects the address of the very first location of the Palm (at 837 Second Avenue, right in the heart of New York City), where the original restaurant still stands today as it did when it opened its doors in 1926.
When we dined at the Las Vegas location, we enjoyed the lobster, steak, great veggies, a gigantic lettuce wedge and impeccable service.  The Palm comes highly recommended by JETSETWAY!

03 Nov 2008

Jewish Dubrovnik

Not unlike other cities in the Balkans area, Dubrovnik was both a passage point and staying point for Jews who left Spain and Portugal in the fifteen-hundreds.  Also not unlike other similar communities they had an on again off again relationship with being accepted, expelled, not excepted and ghettoized over the next few hundred years.

Currently when visiting Dubrovnik you can still see the original “Jewish Street” and the Jewish Museum which stands at the site of the original synagogue. Only about thirty Jews live in Dubrovnik now.