16 Nov 2008

Andre's French Restaurant

André Rochat, Chef/Proprietor of Andre's French Restaurant, has been Las Vegas’ marquis chef for decades --  long before all the big names from New York and Beverly Hills arrived on the scene. The original Andre's Restaurant is a 1980s renovated house in the downtown area. Almost three decades later, it is still fabulous.

Andre has now expanded to a namesake restaurant in the Monte Carlo and the eye popping Alize which is on top of The Palms. All are lovely. All are special. But, the Palms can be a bit too noisy for those of us who like their restaurants quiet. As such, we chose the original, which will be closing at the end of the year, but still brings fond memories. Andres at Monte Carlo is currently closed for renovation and will reopen early 2009.

Allyn’s Dover sole, the best she has ever had, was cooked to perfection with its juiciness and sauciness. I had a veal chop, which I normally associate with Italian food. However, this one was A+ and definitely had a French flair to it. The signature two pound lobster thermidor and foie gras also received rave reviews.


14 Nov 2008

Ago Restaurant, Again

We had such a good meal last week at Ago, in the Hard Rock Hotel, that we had to go back again to revisit. We were not disappointed whatsoever.

We tried totally different meals. Allyn went for the Caesar along with Chilean Sea Bass. I also had the Caesar followed by three Lamb porterhouse chops.

Although the salad was excellent, I would describe it as a bit more Italian than traditional Caesar. Taste is just right though. The fish was thick and moist as she likes it. The lamb was outstanding. Again the service was top notch.

They remembered us which is always nice. I wonder if it was because:  A) Las Vegas is a ghost town, B) Allyn is hard to forget, or C) we shared a bit of our premium wine with Emilio the sommelier.

11 Nov 2008

Ago Restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel

Friday night four of us ate at Ago in the Hard Rock. The restaurant first started in Los Angeles ten years ago and has been quite popular ever since. As is often the case, it has a celebrity name behind it lending cache. In this case it is Robert De Niro.

We are talking gourmet authentic Tuscan-style Italian food conceptualized by restaurateur Agostino Sciandri. Everything was excellent – food, service and décor.

We had a wide range of items which included a signature peach martini which was a great start. Among many interesting items, there was a wild boar pasta, and a very creative goat cheese, beets, and arugula salad. I thought my chicken (although somewhat mundane) was the best item. Allyn had a “basic” capellini pomodoro, which was a good as she has had anywhere.

Interested? Check them out at, or call 702.693.4440. You wont be dissapointed. 

09 Nov 2008

Dream Team Poker Tournament – Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

Allyn, Tim and I represented in today’s team tournament at the Hard Rock Hotel. The above picture of Tim and me may give you a clue as to our finish.

The team concept is certainly unique to poker, which tends to be a solo affair. However, it was fun for a change of pace in that it gave everybody roots. The scoring is quite simple. Each team had three players ,and the first one out is excluded. The other two finishers add up their position (1 for first, 2 for second etc.). The lowest score wins.

There were 27 teams, and we ended up in about 9th.

08 Nov 2008

Dream Team Poker Tournament Party

You might be wondering what Tim Resnik (President of, and I are doing bowling at a poker party. Actually we were at the penthouse suite at The Hard Rock Hotel, and it is so big that is has a bowling alley in it! Very Las Vegas indeed.

The event was a pre-party for tomorrow’s Dream Team event which is a poker tournament with three person teams. Tim, Allyn, and I will be representing Spade Club. Stay tuned.