01 Feb 2019

Fiji, 2019

It was snorkel day on Fiji for Allyn and her friends
This is what you think of when you think Fiji. Actually it is really quite mountainous and rugged.There is no Fiji Island. It is a country with over 300 islands about a third of which are inhabited.The vast majority of its 800,000 citizens live on Viti Levu.
 Kava is the traditional drink here and prepared and served ceremoniously. It tastes a bit like bitter dirt we were told.
Firewalking is a fun tour. 
Yes Fiji water is from here. The ship brought on a huge amount of Aqua Pacific, a relatively new brand that has scored very well in international tastings.

28 Jan 2019

Pago Pago, American Samoa 2019

There are many reasons a cruise stops at a port. It may be historically important, beautiful, fun, interesting, or sometimes just on the way between here and there.
Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa located about midway between Hawaii and New Zealand. 
The Samoan Islands are divided into the independent Kingdom of Samoa and American Samoa, which is a non-incorporated territory under U.S. sovereignty. 
Interesting factoids:
Fast food - American Samoa's island of Tutuila (95% of the country's population) has the largest concentration of fast food restaurants and is the biggest purchaser of fast food in the entire South Pacific
1918 flu pandemic - Governor John Martin Poyer quarantined the territory, and because of his actions, American Samoa was one of the few places in the world where no flu-related deaths occurred
Government - American Samoa is an unincorporated, unorganized territory of the United States. Translated, American Samoa enjoys diplomatic and military protection from the US, but not all of the provisions and protections of the US Constitution apply.
Geography - American Samoa is the only U.S. possession in the southern hemisphere. 

25 Jan 2019

Fanning Island, Line Islands, Kiribati

Today we are at Fanning Island, one of the Line Islands, and part of a country called Kiribati. Population is less than 2,000; roads and power are non - existent. 
Some interesting factoids:
International Date Line – We are 900 miles almost due south of Hawaii yet one day later. The International Date Line was jutted out east in 1994 because it dissected Kiribati. It is not like Chicago and New York where it is an extra hour. Two different days meant that local commerce could only be carried out in the four common week days.
The time zone is 14 hours ahead UTC making it the world’s farthest forward time zone. They see each new day first. 
Hemispheres - Kiribati is the only country in the would to sit in all four hemispheres.
Climate change – Some folks think climate change is fake news. Not these folks. Their country is sinking annually and it is anticipated to be totally submerged in 20 years.
WW II  - In the Battle of Tarawa (November 20-23, 1943) the U.S. began its Central Pacific Campaign against Japan by seizing the heavily fortified, Japanese-held island of Betio. 
Here, during four days, the U.S. Marines suffered almost as many killed-in-action casualties as U.S. troops suffered in the six-month campaign at Guadalcanal Island.

22 Jan 2019

Hawaiian Islands


Our first stop on this year’s World Cruise is the Hawaiian Islands for the third time in as many months. Life is grand.



Last night while in Honolulu we experienced a full lunar eclipse. The only problem was Waikiki faces west and the moon was going to be in the east. There was blockage all over the city due to the high rises and the hills.



Fortunately, I know the city well and a group of us had dinner at 53 By the Sea, a restaurant out by the airport on the water that faces back to Waikiki and Diamond Head. It would have been a great choice even without the moon.


Today was Lahaina, Maui. There are so many beautiful destination hotels here, but just walking around Lahaina is fun in itself. Since the ship didn’t leave until 10 PM we had a chance to eat in town again; this time with Stanley and Linda Blend at Pacific’o. The meal in all respects actually surpassed last night’s. That's our ship in the background.

19 Jan 2019

At Sea with Allyn


My recollection is that Allyn has won the Crystal Cruises World Cruise annual on-board Scrabble Tournament for the last four years. Unfortunately, she was not able to play in the 2019 event today because the Texas Holdem tournament lasted too long for her as she won that, and it pays real money. Oh well.