22 Jan 2019

Hawaiian Islands


Our first stop on this year’s World Cruise is the Hawaiian Islands for the third time in as many months. Life is grand.



Last night while in Honolulu we experienced a full lunar eclipse. The only problem was Waikiki faces west and the moon was going to be in the east. There was blockage all over the city due to the high rises and the hills.



Fortunately, I know the city well and a group of us had dinner at 53 By the Sea, a restaurant out by the airport on the water that faces back to Waikiki and Diamond Head. It would have been a great choice even without the moon.


Today was Lahaina, Maui. There are so many beautiful destination hotels here, but just walking around Lahaina is fun in itself. Since the ship didn’t leave until 10 PM we had a chance to eat in town again; this time with Stanley and Linda Blend at Pacific’o. The meal in all respects actually surpassed last night’s. That's our ship in the background.

19 Jan 2019

At Sea with Allyn


My recollection is that Allyn has won the Crystal Cruises World Cruise annual on-board Scrabble Tournament for the last four years. Unfortunately, she was not able to play in the 2019 event today because the Texas Holdem tournament lasted too long for her as she won that, and it pays real money. Oh well.

14 Jan 2019

Crystal Serenity World Cruise 2019

Today starts our 10th annual World Cruise. We are on the beautiful Crystal Serenity for 85 days visiting about 33 ports in 16 countries. The ship just completed a 3 week dry dock spending countless millions and REDUCED capacity by about 10%. No wonder they keep winning Best Luxury Cruise Line awards.

347 people are taking the entire world cruise and they had a beautiful special onboard gala just for us tonight. Tomorrow we sail from L.A. 

They even bought us a Keurig for the cabin because they know I don't care for their espresso machine.

They greeted us with beautiful flowers in the cabin along with a cold champagne and many Sudokus because they know Allyn likes them.

Tonight's show was much more magnificent than even their normal top notch entertainment.

Best of all, though, was seeing so many friends whom we have made through the years.

And to make things even better while walking to my cabin, I noticed that they will have a Texas Hold'em tournament virtually every sea day and they have raised the buy-ins from $60 to $100; sweet.



05 Nov 2018

Hualalai, Big Island, Hawaii

We spent a wonderful week at The Four Seasons Hualalai on The Big Island aka Hawaii. We joined our cousins Earl and Eva for the first time in many years. 
Things started out top notch flying in on Hawaiian Air with their lie flat seats.
I knew Four Seasons service was going to be their usual A+ when they had three greeters for us at the airport and we only had two pieces of luggage.
In between twice daily shoulder physical therapy I found some beach time. They pamper in so many ways. One is bringing by alcoholic popsicle treats.
One night we went to Mauna Kea to watch the sunset and have dinner. What a beautiful site and I don't mean just the beach!!!
 Back at our hotel, just walking the grounds is a so beautiful and relaxing.
Fortunately dear old (choose any definition you like) friends Moe and Cindy were there also as they live there much of the year. They were kind enough to take us to their home for cocktails, one of their private spots for lunch and then the homeowners private dinner house Ke'olu. Sensational.
The company was great, along with the hotel, weather, gym, food and the best, of course, the traditional Hawaii chill factor. We'll can't wait to come back.

12 Sep 2018

The Road to Recovery

Six days later and it still aches a bit. The doctor explained that may be because he:
  • Did a 4-inch incision in the skin
  • Cut the tendon
  • Split the muscle
  • Cut the bone 
  • Dislocated the shoulder and worked on it outside the body
  • Replaced ball at top of arm bone with metal ball
  • Covered the socket with a new plastic surface.
Enough, you get the point.
All the surgeon can do is physically get the shoulder back in shape so that pain can stop completely and range of motion returns as close to optimal as possible.
The success and time of each is directly proportionate to the rigorous exercise program prescribed. 
In the week between the surgery and the follow up visit there are several very specific dos and don’ts.
Every waking hour ice is mandatory for swelling reduction.
Squeezing the ball 10 times each hour is required and easy.
The breathing machine also is 10 times hourly. It is tougher than it looks. Major lung filling is required for minimizing pneumonia and other breathing complications. It has an amazing calming effect and 3 major inhales would definitely reduce stress when tempers are escalating. Allyn has permission to invoke the breathing down the road when I might get a bit testy.
The sling only comes off three times daily, for exercise, bathing, and getting dressed. That is tough duty. The exercise is comprised of 1 set each of 10 curls (no weight), wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, arm hanging circles, and shoulder shrugs.
The purpose of the sling is to stop inadvertent shoulder movement. Many minor movements still hurt.
The sling stays on for six weeks, with serious physical therapy (the torture) starting in a week. 
The doc said that in four to six months I will be back on the golf course. That remains to be seen as I have been off for 20 years.