14 Feb 2013

Seno Eyre Fjord, Chile

It is starting to get cold as we head towards the southern end of Chile, and indeed, the southern most point in all of the Americas.

For a couple days we have seen no people, but lots of green scenery and today the first of several glaciers, Pio XI. It is 40 miles long which makes it the longest in the Southern hemisphere other than Antarctica.

Local trivia/tidbits:

Glacier color - Glaciers appear blue because sunlight (which appears white) is made up of all of the colors of the rainbow. Only blue has enough energy to get through the dense glacial ice. The reds and yellows get absorbed.

The tip of he iceberg - We really do only see the tip of an iceberg. Only 10 – 13% is above the water line. The reason for this is that sea water is denser than ice.

Chile is on the Pacific but its salmon are Atlantic -  As it turns out, the Atlantic salmon were initially brought here by Norwegians and adapted quite well in the Pacific.

Chile size and shape - Chile is roughly as long as the distance between LA and New York yet it is never farther than 110 miles from the Pacific Ocean.