03 Aug 2014

Madrid, Spain




Madrid’s tree lined boulevards and elegant buildings are really beautiful.





The old town is as quaint as it is historic. In 1808 Joseph Bonaparte, was made king by his brother Napoleon who had invaded Spain. He ordered churches and other buildings that he considered a threat torn down. Well, at least it made for some current large squares.



It seems that you can’t walk for 3 minutes without running across a store featuring their famous Iberian ham, made from black Iberian pigs.





We visited Botin, the world’s oldest continuously operating restaurant (confirmed by Guinness). Only two families have owned/operated it during its 300-year history.



Normally on our cruises, we have a nice dinner and then for me it is off to Law and Order, while the wife takes in the entertainment. It doesn’t work that way in the real world.

So, doing Madrid properly, we had an evening of wine and tapas, while taking in a Flamenco show. Allyn said we had a good time.