22 Jan 2019

Hawaiian Islands


Our first stop on this year’s World Cruise is the Hawaiian Islands for the third time in as many months. Life is grand.



Last night while in Honolulu we experienced a full lunar eclipse. The only problem was Waikiki faces west and the moon was going to be in the east. There was blockage all over the city due to the high rises and the hills.



Fortunately, I know the city well and a group of us had dinner at 53 By the Sea, a restaurant out by the airport on the water that faces back to Waikiki and Diamond Head. It would have been a great choice even without the moon.


Today was Lahaina, Maui. There are so many beautiful destination hotels here, but just walking around Lahaina is fun in itself. Since the ship didn’t leave until 10 PM we had a chance to eat in town again; this time with Stanley and Linda Blend at Pacific’o. The meal in all respects actually surpassed last night’s. That's our ship in the background.