04 Feb 2017

Cuzco, Peru




We were blown away today by Cuzco. Along with six others, we are off the ship for two nights. We only came to Cuzco because we are visiting Machu Picchu tomorrow. It is a great surprise.








It turns out it is a beautiful city. It is higher than 11,000 feet. Altitude sickness is a real risk and we are taking it very easy and doing some prevention. We will descend 3,000 feet to Machu Picchu tomorrow. Cuzco is the prettiest city we have visited this trip.





I mean they even have wild Alpaca.




Our hotel is a beautiful converted monastery.

Almost 500,000 people live here. Copper mining is big along with tourism. People started living here 3000 years ago, before the Incas. 500 years ago it was conquered by Spain.