Cape Town Ostrich Farm

It is a beautiful day in Cape Town today. Looking for something new to do we took a ride out of town to visit an ostrich farm.

On the way there we stopped for a photo of the South Africa’s iconic landmark – Table Mountain.

No matter where you go in this city, you run into immense  poverty.

The ostrich brain is just the size of a marble.

For you shoppers, the way to tell real ostrich skin from fake is that the round things on the sking are bumpy, but part of the skin doesnt have the round things.
 Here are a few interesting ostrich facts. They:

*Are the world’s largest bird.
*Have three stomachs.
*Can kill a lion with one kick.
*Have eggs that are as big as 24 chicken eggs combined.
*Do not bury their heads in the sand. 
*Are the fast runners of any birds or other two-legged animals.
*Have the largest eye of any land animal. 

And one more fact you probably want/ need to know – Unlike all other living birds, the ostrich secretes urine separately from feces.

Everybody who plays scrabble knows that an emu is a word. Well, meet the emu.
I must confess that I had never heatrd of a weaver bird until today. These are their nests.

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