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Seal Beach, CA (2021)

Yes, Seal Beach is named after seals, but they are not around too much anymore.

Yes, Seal Beach is generally great for kitesurfing and windsurfing, because often it is quite breezy.

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Laguna Beach, CA (2021)

Given that Laguna Beach is Allyn’s old stomping grounds, we didn’t really want or need to do much sightseeing. We had pals to visit and have been looking forward to our stay at Montage Laguna Beach.

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Palm Springs, CA (2021)

For years as a young boy I had heard of Palm Springs as a place where the rich and famous hung out. Whereas monied folks from New York tended to go to Florida in the winter, Seattle people being from the West tended to vacation in Palm Springs. Some of the real wealthy even had second homes there.

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Las Vegas, NV – Big Bear Lake, CA (2021)

Day 1 of our road trip took us from Las Vegas to Big Bear Lake. One fun thing about road trips is that there is no time panic to get to the airport for example.
Another is to make some fun, and often ridiculous, tourist stops.

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