12 Aug 2015

St. Malo, France


St. Malo has been around for centuries as it is perfectly situated for pirates, in the English Channel with the world’s most extreme tides. The city is walled and the French kings allowed asylum to all kinds of ruthless people in exchange for his piece, of course.


Unfortunately I didn’t bring in my camera because I was just tooting around for a bit, but the above scene cried out for a photo, so I did the best I could with my iPad.


I purposely did not Photoshop it because the perspective already seems fake, which to me is the attraction. You can really get a perspective of the big, beautiful Crystal Serenity in the background. Those real 15 – 30’ boats on shore at low tide look like toys.




St. Malo is another charming seaside tourist town with a few good sights and many good places to eat.

11 Aug 2015

Guernsey, Channel Islands


Although we were moored at Guernsey today, we opted to visit the Isle of Sark simply for a relaxing, beautiful day. They have no cars, no streetlights, and sightseeing is by a romantic horse and carriage ride.

Boy was that a bust.  They crammed us into a tender boat, a bus, a ferry, another bus, and finally to uncomfortable open-air carriages with no cover at all. On a seven-hour tour we got zero information or food or drink. That is unheard of. Plus it rained the entire time.

However, we try to be cognizant that our worst day often is better than many other people’s best day.




The smile is because Allyn made me.

10 Aug 2015

Honfleur, France







We have spent the last couple of days in Honfleur, in Northern France. It is a beautiful, quaint, seaside town on the English Channel. This whole area is about tourism, centering on Normandy and WW II.


There are many museums and galleries here because for centuries painters have settled here to paint the local beauty.






If you like mussels, this is the spot for you.

07 Aug 2015

Jersey, Channel Islands



Finally, on the last day of segment one, we had a beautiful day. Jersey is a beautiful island with lots of history and quite a unique political situation.

It is independent, being a British Crown possession, called a Baliwick. It has open trade with the EU, but is not a member of the EU.

Nor is it a member of the UK, but uses their currency and passports. If it needs defense, Britain protects them.





The largest of the Channel Islands, it is closer to France than England. It has significant French customs and names, yet 90% of the people here have British background and only 1% French.




Our guide Michelle Hervieu was terrfic. Here she is explaining La Pouquelqaye de Faldouet a 6,000 year old grave sight.





This is the path to La Pouquelqaye de Faldouet.





Even the market is lovely here.

06 Aug 2015

Portland, England


I, for one, never heard of Portland, England before this trip. Today we docked there. It is located on the south coast of Great Britain towards the middle. I was thinking of investing in a bus company.




We took a car around a visited the countryside with its pastoral views.




There were several old, charming towns; quaint, but quiet.




The beach reminded me more of New Jersey and Brooklyn than Europe.




We’re going to miss Arlene. She seems to be picking up some of Allyn’s habits.