03 Jun 2015

Allyn's New Do

07 Apr 2015

Headed to Hong Kong in High Seas

We are in high seas to the point that I had difficulty operating the treadmill.

Then I look around and there is Allyn (no age given, but she won the Seniors poker championship a few years ago) on the BOSU ball with one foot and doing bicep curls.

Unless you have tried standing on one of those, it is almost incomprehensible.

04 Apr 2015

Shanghai Sightseeing, 2015


Since it’s unseemly behavior to just shop and eat all the time in Shanghai, we decided to do a little sightseeing today. It turns out that it was a holiday here. Oh well.



The Jade Buddha Temple is a local must see. The hand carved porcelain piece is truly a beauty. When the Cultural Revolution started, the zealots were destroying everything to do with religion. The Buddhist Monks saved the day by covering the statue with a picture of Mao and told the revolutionaries that he was now the object of the prayers.



As in other places, there is art all over the place and it all means something, I think.




Finally we got a bit of space at the Yu (or Yuyuan) Gardens.


01 Apr 2015

Beijing, China 2015


The TEST. At the end of every cruise segment we look at the baggage for debarking guests and ask "Do we wish our bags are among those?"

Our answer is "no" again and we are looking forward to heading back from Beijing to Hong Kong.

29 Mar 2015

Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

Nanjing Road is Shanghai’s main shopping street. Named one of the seven most important streets in the world in the 1930s, it suffered during decades of Maoist austerity, but like Shanghai, is now making a huge comeback during the last 25 years.


It is almost four miles long and attracts over 1 million visitors daily.


Like in all the metropolitan centers, all of the international luxury brands are here. Chinese citizens mainly patronize those stores. (They do have 24 million residents here).


Yes, Hong Kong is part of China, but it is run as an entire different country including passport control. Hong Kong is a bargain hunter’s delight. Shanghai and Beijing are not. There are huge tariffs and other taxes in China not seen in Hong Kong.


One typical example is a certain well-known Rolex Submariner is priced at about $12K in Hong Kong, $13 in NYC, $14 in Singapore and over $16 in Shanghai and Beijing.

The view from our Crystal Symphony cabin was superb.