22 Nov 2014

What Happened to the Olympic Hotel, Seattle?

During The Roaring Twenties, in 1924, The Olympic Hotel opened setting “new standards for lavish social affairs, previously only found in large East Coast cities”.  Eight times this millennium the Fairmont Olympic has been ranked one of the 500 top hotels in the world.

Their public areas are second to none in my hometown, Seattle. If I had an event here, it would be at The Olympic.

So, it made sense that Allyn and I booked a room here for our visit this week. I mean it’s the grande dame of Seattle and now a Fairmont.

Unfortunately it seems they haven’t changed a carpet in 20 years. The toilet was plugged and the shower just dripped water. The rooms, even those upgraded to suites, are tiny. They don’t even have turn down without requesting.

And how low is this? I spent some time in the beautiful lobby and noticed that everybody who checked in was told their room wouldn’t be ready for a couple hours but for a $20 upgrade they could get immediate access. Sorry Fairmont. That’s embarrassing.

11 Nov 2014

Sonesta Beach Resort, St. Maarten

Allyn and I just returned from an amazing week at the Sonesta Beach Resort located at Maho Beach in the lovely Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

They are having a Card Player Poker Tour event there starting April 24 at their Casino Royale. The Main Event will be a $1,650 buy-in with a $200,000 guarantee. Since Card Player Cruises will be running the event there was no question as to the poker room staff quality. They are bringing their own dealers and other staff to be certain.

Casino Royale was hosting a World Poker Tour event and we wanted to be certain that both the hotel and casino would be up to our standards as well as work out any kinks. Everything was already fine and now everything will be more than fine for our event.

The hotel is all-inclusive and they will be giving our guests special wristbands to identify them as VIPs. Besides all of their normal amenities they will give us our very own concierge lounge in the hotel and an area with free food and beverage just for us in the casino during all open hours. Our people will scoot to the front of restaurant lines and have other fun perks.

Talk about close to the airport. It is so fun watching the planes come in. People stand right at the runway edge just to get blown away by the jets.

Besides the poker, this place has great activities. Within the first 24 hours Allyn invited her kids to come because it is such a happening place.

I hope you will join us in April.

Oh, It is also dirt-cheap. Rates will start at $140 per person and that includes all the food and drink including alcohol.

Contact Card Player Cruises for more information at 1.888.999.4880.


01 Oct 2014

Trophy Hunt



It's lots of travel for the next several weeks or so because Allyn is on another trophy hunt.

Join us and say hello at the following championships:

October 11 - Card Player Poker Tour - The Bike, Bell Gardens, CA

November 3 - World Poker Tour - Casino Royale - St. Maarten

November 7 - World Poker Tour  - bestbet - Jacksonville, FL

It's really great that we have the same hobbies - travel and poker.

06 Sep 2014

School Lunch

Here's a day that beats traveling the world. I had school lunch with my grandkids, Lucy (K) and Eli (1).





You can't believe the spread they have at the school. It rivals the strip casinos.

I had chipoltle chicken, guacamole and cucumber water. Lucy had a half pear and Eli a pb&j sandwhich like normal kids.

22 Aug 2014

Koblenz, Germany


Koblenz is located on both banks of the Rhine at its confluence with the Mosel River.

Located there is a famous huge monument of Emperor William I on horseback. He was the King of Prussia and the first German Emperor.

Of interest to my Seattle friends/family, he was the arbitrator between the US and Britain that gave us the U.S. San Juan Islands.




We took an aerial tram up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Great trivia fact – We all know that Mosel wine bottles are green and Rhine brown. Today I learned the colors are taken from their respective rivers. The Mosel is quite dark with a greenish hue and the Rhine is dirty brown looking.