26 Jul 2015

Dover, 2015


Today starts a five-week cruise on Crystal Serenity with the first segment around the British Isles. Departure was from Dover.


These are the famous White Cliffs of Dover. They are called this because they are white, and they are white because they are formed from chalk (pure white calcium carbonate).


Being the narrowest part of the English Channel, this spot is also famous for English Channel swims.


More importantly, it is the closest point to Continental Europe from the UK. The 100-meter cliffs allowed Britain to withstand sieges throughout history, including WWs I and II. It also didn’t hurt that the British Navy controlled the seas.

25 Jul 2015

London 2015 (3)

Today I arranged a private tour of the Royal Courts of Justice because between Allyn and Arlene they have 55 years of heavy-duty criminal defense law. It was fascinating to compare both the similarities and differences between our systems. They just couldn’t get enough.

The physical item that struck me most was a sculpture made of clothes hangars.


We usually try to take in a show when we are in New York and London. The revival of Miss Saigon blew us all away. I guess it wasn’t a fluke they won so many awards.

After yet another fabulous English dinner was had at Dean Street Townhouse Restaurant. Allyn thought it was the best dover sole she has ever had. But don't eat in the bar. It is way too noisy. 

24 Jul 2015

London, 2015 (2)

Today was very special indeed. Allyn’s close longtime friend and legal colleague, Arlene Speiser, joined us today and will be taking the cruise around the British Isles with us.

Although their friendship spans three decades and they have remained close and in contact, due to circumstances they haven’t seen each other in over ten years. It was truly a heartfelt reunion for them.

Dinner was at Bentley’s, considered by many the best Oyster House and Seafood Bar in London.

Some oyster Facts – Native oysters here are consumed September thru April (months with Rs in them) and come in sizes 1, 2 and 3. One is the biggest. Even 3s are bigger than we generally get in the States and they tend to be firm and succulent here.

Pacific, aka rock oysters were introduced here in 1926, take two years instead of four to mature and can be eaten all year.

My take is that they are good, but not as good.


23 Jul 2015

London, 2015

London; one of the world’s great cities. We try not to let a year go by without visiting here.

It certainly didn’t help the jet lag that instead of flying nonstop from Las Vegas, we had to fly to Phoenix and then catch a flight when our trip was cancelled.

We left Monday, arrived Tuesday and didn’t leave the room until Wednesday night. We worked out and then walked to dinner.

Dinner was at Wright Brothers, a delightful casual seafood restaurant in Covent Garden. It was just what we were looking for. 

20 Jul 2015

Europe, 2015


Hi guys. We are off and running on another jaunt.

Well, we are trying to be. We have three European cruises bookmarked by London on either end, then Tulum (near Cancun) for a few days before a Card Player Poker Tour event on a Card Player Cruise in the Caribbean. Join us September 5. We’re back home September 12.

It’s not fun having a flight cancelled at 10 PM while packing, but as experienced travelers that is exactly the reason we don't fly across the Atlantic with a tight connection for a cruise.